Tezos Commons :: Tezos Community Rewards — October 2023

Tezos Commons :: Tezos Community Rewards — October 2023

November 14, 2023 0 By Tezos Commons

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Tezos Community Rewards — October 2023

We are pleased to announce the winners of the “Community Rewards Program” CRP for the month of October 2023!

For more details about the various categories please refer to the rewards page on the Tezos Commons website.

The Community Rewards Program is a Tezos Commons Foundation initiative aimed at fostering adoption and supporting the Tezos ecosystem. Every month up to 5,000 tez are rewarded to those that stand out in merit and act in the interest of the Tezos ecosystem as a whole.

To make it easier for community members to nominate their favorite contributors to the ecosystem, the nomination form has been drastically streamlined. Now containing only three questions, it takes less than 30 seconds to submit a nomination.

Don’t have 30 seconds? You can tag any discord message, Reddit post or tweet with #TezosCRP and we will collect them as well!

This is the fifth iteration of the program and we will continue to make changes based on community feedback. Just like the Tezos blockchain, we will be continually evolving this program.

Numerous factors are used when evaluating submissions such as quality of submissions, quality of activity, number of submissions, and verifiable proof of activity done by the nominee (no single factor is determinative of a winner, as all factors were weighed to select winners). The judges would like to note that for each category, they are looking for the respective monthly related activity meaning submissions should reflect activities done for that current month, i.e.; the month of February activities.

Without further delay here are the results of the winners, below.

Assimilation Award


Drill Sergeant Award


Formal Verification Award


Helping Hand Award


Influencer Award


Patissier Award


TEO Award


Tez Dev Award


Tezos Tutor Award


Tezos Ecosystem DAO Participation Award


Nominations are Open for November

With November underway, we have begun accepting nominations for this month. If you know someone who deserves a reward for their contributions to the community or has ideas about other categories that should be recognized, please fill out a nomination here, or you can tag a post (or discord message) with #TezosCRP.

As mentioned, we are still working on long-term improvements to this program. We know this program is far from being perfect so please bear with us while we strive to keep improving this program based on community feedback. Stay tuned, stay creative, and keep nominating!

As a reminder to the reward winners, the awards are all distributed through Kukai and DirectAuth. If you are having any issues claiming your awards, please message us here.

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