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Tezos Commons :: A Different Process: Exploring The World Of Blockchain-Based Art With Malachi Wright

By Stu Elmes

Tezos Commons :: A Different Process: Exploring The World Of Blockchain-Based Art With Malachi Wright Digital artist Malachi Wright on his journey into the world of Web 3.0 and blockchain-powered art in the Tezos ecosystem.When it comes to emerging young artists, you’d be hard-pressed to find one more promising than Malachi Wright. Malachi has connected through his work with cultural icons from the likes of Snoop Dogg to Steve Harvey, and many more. His eye-catching work can be found gracing album covers, going viral on Instagram, and driving conversations across the booming hip-hop community.To say that Malachi Wright has taken his amazing success in stride would be dishonest. When asked, Malachi is quite frank about how starstruck he has been in his interactions with massive celebrities and how surprised he was in his journey to discover that his work struck a chord with the people whom he’s made a key part of his process. However, this doesn’t mean that Malachi Wright hasn’t remained humble throughout his impressive journey to digital art prominence…“Ultimately, I don’t think about how these moments just make me feel. I think about how it’s going to inspire the people around me. Things like this aren’t things that happen all the time, especially where I’m coming from. There’s nowhere else that people can get this kind of story from, so I’m excited to just tell it and for people to hear it and for people to be inspired and for people to know that there’s a lot of things that we can do out here to be successful, as long as we enjoy what we’re doing and are passionate about it.”Using the money generated by his early work to finance his college education, Malachi has worked hard to hone his craft — not only in his artistic works themselves but in the building of his business around them. But he doesn’t stop there, as he has refined his personal brand and the networking savvy that is required to build on his early successes. Now, with an important new partnership forged in the fires of the Tezos ecosystem, Malachi Wright has begun his journey with a new NFT-driven digital collection called “Americaz Most Wanted”. This drop is what he’s using to begin his journey and stake a claim in the Web 3.0 space in earnest.As a newly minted grantee of the Champ Medici Arts Fund in partnership with the Tezos Foundation, Malachi Wright has access to the resources and support required to bring his work to the forefront of the digital art conversation, where it clearly belongs. This partnership, rooted in mutual respect and a desire to bring exposure to artists historically left out of the traditional art world, has begun to show Malachi Wright exactly what Web 3.0 and the Tezos art community have to offer. And it all began with sending a single piece of art to hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg…“After I created the session piece, that’s when I was able to gift it to Snoop and link up with Snoop. After that moment, Cordell Broadus (Snoop Dogg’s son) reached out to me about the Champ Medici Arts Fund. We had a phone call where he was really just breaking it down for me — what the arts fund was, and how it was really just a grant that would give artists an opportunity to showcase themselves and receive help. It really felt like a golden opportunity. He was definitely somebody I wanted to work with. He put me in a position around a lot of people who were really supportive and really helpful. I have been grateful through the entire process.”Malachi’s curiosity about Web 3.0 and its potential to move his career forward has been cause for much reflection about what part NFTs and Web 3.0 might play in the digital-first world to come, something he spoke about during his recent appearance on TezTalks Radio…“Viewing the NFT space and the Web 3.0 space, it seems like it’s for a greater purpose. When NFTs first came out I feel like they were a prototype to something that’s for a bigger vision in terms of how they’re going to be utilized. Now I’ve been able to see that there’s something bigger coming from all of this.”With his first Tezos NFT collection now released into the wild, Malachi is laser-focused on his future in the space. And, while his next steps into this dynamic world aren’t completely clear just yet, what is clear is that Malachi’s journey has only just begun…After doing this collection, it’s been making a lot of things flow in my brain. How I can approach this now and how I can approach this in future collections. I feel like merging the worlds of the digital and the physical is actually very important. Offering physical things to incentivize people to be more invested into the Web 3.0 space is helpful and it’s crucial. It helps people understand more of what they’re even investing towards.”In Malachi’s case, the Champ Medici Arts fund has not only realized its stated vision, ‘to support emerging and legacy musicians and artists across the globe looking to build and create new creative and cultural works on the Tezos blockchain’, but it has also empowered artists like Malachi to connect the disparate dots between his own creative works and the digital revolution ahead, something he says that he’s eager to share with those he encounters…“I’ve been able to learn to understand the value of art more and how it grows over time. For me as a business owner and as an artist, I’m in a position now where I’m trying to get people to understand the value of art more and that if they buy a piece from me that’s limited, what that value means and how it can grow over time, how it’s not just like they’re buying something that’s here and they just spent their money and they might never see a return. Ultimately, it’s an investment.”Bringing new artists into the Tezos and Web 3.0 space is a laudable goal for many reasons, and the benefits of doing so should be clear to any stakeholder or enthusiast. There is, however, another level to all of this. These decentralized ecosystems hold the promise of lifting up important voices like Malachi’s and spreading the word about the true promise these technologies have to offer the world. It behooves every one of us to make the experience of stepping into this world a positive one. And, at least in Malachi’s case, it seems as though the Tezos ecosystem has been more than up to that challenge…“Projects like this, where I feel like OK, there’s a clear vision. I know for sure that it’s a win-win situation. There’s definitely a lot of opportunity here. There’s a lot to be learned. For me, being a digital artist, it’s something that I want to continue to learn more about.”So, let’s all welcome Malachi Wright to the Tezos art community and show this talented young man some love. We’ll all be watching closely, and I for one can’t wait to see where this journey takes him.A Different Process: Exploring The World Of Blockchain-Based Art With Malachi Wright was originally published in Tezos Commons on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Tezos Commons :: Highlighting Tezos At The Eth London 2023 Hackathon

By William McKenzie

Tezos Commons :: Highlighting Tezos At The Eth London 2023 Hackathon A closer look at ETH London 2023 and Tezos’ presence at the hackathon as a gold sponsor.From October 27–29th, for the first time since 2020, the Eth London Hackathon returned to London, UK. Organized by Encode Club and Eth London, the event brought together a diverse group of participants who were all competing for a substantial prize pool.In this article, we’ll highlight Tezos’ presence at the event as a gold sponsor and some of the projects that were awarded during the three-day event.Showcasing Tezos In Real TimeAs we all know, there’s no better way to get people excited about blockchain than by offering them a competition with prizes as incentives. On that note, what better place to start than at Eth London?The picture taken above shows members of TriliTech and the Tezos booth at Eth London, which was conveniently set up right next to the entrance of the main hall. As developers and participants entered the main room, they were greeted by the Tezos booth immediately upon arrival.During the event, members of the developer success team at TriliTech offered a variety of merchandise. From t-shirts to mugs to tote bags, there were plenty of goodies for curious people making their way through the venue.When people came to pick up the merchandise at the booth, they were asked to fill out a quick form to provide some background on the demographics of those visiting and participating in the hackathon. In conjunction with this, the TriliTech team offered bounties for different Tezos based projects.On opening day, Sasha Aldrick of TriliTech introduced the bounties and Tezos’ presence on the main stage. The next day, Claude Barde of TriliTech gave a 25-minute talk on the developer stack on Tezos. By Sunday, there were 11 submissions for bounties, and the best three were awarded.The bounties offered centered around four categories:Best SmartPy ProjectBest LIGO ProjectBest DeFi ApplicationBest Project Integrating Taquito & Beacon SDKUltimately, three of those four categories were utilized to select three different projects to win approximately $2,500 each. The categories selected were Best SmartPy Project, Best DeFi Application, and Best Project Integrating Taquito & Beacon SDK.For the first category, and best SmartPy project, Predictez was selected as the winner. Built using SmartPy, Predictez functions as a proof of concept prediction market platform on Tezos. It utilizes two main smart contracts: the Predictez prediction market allows users to place bets on a wide array of topics, and the validity of those assertions is finalized by the Predictez optimistic oracle.For the second category, and best DeFi application, Minty Code was chosen as the winner. Minty Code is a decentralized marketplace for software creators. Lastly, for the final category and best project integrating Taquito and Beacon SDK, 1Up was selected. 1Up is a decentralized social media network on Tezos.Looking ForwardThe Eth London 2023 Hackathon presented a great opportunity to showcase Tezos in real time to Eth users and other participants who attended the event. After selecting three winners to receive bounties and showcasing Tezos through various panel talks throughout the three-day event, it’s safe to say Tezos had a significant presence among all the other projects involved in the event.Highlighting Tezos At The Eth London 2023 Hackathon was originally published in Tezos Commons on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Tezos Commons :: Glory, Glory: Checking In On The Manchester United & Tezos Foundation Partnership

By Stu Elmes

Tezos Commons :: Glory, Glory: Checking In On The Manchester United & Tezos Foundation Partnership Manchester United’s Ronan Joyce reviews the first year of the renowned club’s partnership with Tezos Foundation and talks about what’s new for year 2.When it comes to football clubs (or “soccer teams” for our American friends), you won’t find one more universally recognized than the English Premier League’s Manchester United. With over a billion followers worldwide, Manchester United is arguably one of the world’s most successful and respected sporting brands. That’s why, when Manchester United announced its partnership with the Tezos Foundation back in 2022, many in the space sat up and took notice.After an eventful first season of this partnership — which saw a new team training kit featuring Tezos branding hit the storefronts and pitch in earnest as well as the release of the club’s first run of digital collectibles — season 2 of the Tezos Foundation-Manchester United partnership is now in full swing.So, when Ronan Joyce, director of digital innovation at Manchester United spoke with Trilitech’s Sunil Singhvi during his recent appearance at Zebu Live, I tuned in to hear all about the formation of this exciting partnership, the amazing progress that has been made thus far, and exactly what’s on offer during the EPL’s 2023–2024 season for fans and collectors around the world.His insights into the path that the team at Manchester United has taken to bring this impressive project to life were well worth a listen. Here’s what Ronan had to say…“In 2022, when football paused in the Premier League on the men’s side for an unusual once-in-a-blue-moon kind of period due to the World Cup taking place in the Winter, we used that timeframe to announce that we were going to be launching digital collectibles, to explain what they were, and to say that the first one was going to be free as a gift for fans around the world.Before we went into the actual launch, which was ‘the keys’, we used that window to create excitement and engagement around our players who were participating in the World Cup. As we did that we also pushed educational materials — everything from explaining the lingo of Web 3.0 to how you actually go about creating a wallet and what a digital wallet is. We tried to simplify the journey as much as possible.”The “keys” Ronan refers to were a series of free NFTs offered by a Tezos-powered platform to fans and collectors worldwide to help them make sense of exactly what was going on here and open the door to the series of digital collectibles that were rolled out over the course of the club’s 2022–2023 EPL season. The club’s decision to dip its toes into the Web 3.0 space in this way was, to hear Ronan tell it, a deliberate one aimed at bringing Manchester United a step closer to the Web 3.0-driven digital future and engaging the market that it is being built to serve…“All of this is about engaging fans in new ways. I sit within a team that is all about direct consumer/fan engagement — how we can create new experiences, and how we can iterate and evolve. We’re very fortunate to have a rich history and fans that have been — since birth and going back hundreds of years — supporters of the club, but you’ve got to always stay at the forefront. You’ve got to find ways to keep the next generation involved.”In line with the PFP trend at the time, Manchester United’s next foray into the digital collectibles arena was an NFT series called “The Devils”. The buzz around this early stage project had already begun, and “The Devils” were greeted with much fanfare when they were dropped to an eager global audience…“It was received incredibly well. There were 7,777 “Devil” NFTs available for purchase — 7 being a number associated with many Manchester United legends over the years. They sold out within 72 hours.”These initial offerings were buttressed during the remainder of Manchester United’s season by a series of digital tokens airdropped to holders of “The Devils”. The decision to include these rewards and encourage ongoing participation was, like every other aspect of the Manchester United digital collectibles rollout, a deliberate one intended to build upon the initial success of the project…“We’ve worked to make sure it wasn’t something you just got and displayed as your profile picture and that was that. We focused on a continual set of rewards and incentives to stay with us and make this a long-term project. The most obvious one for the devils has been a program that we ran through the course of the second half of last season which was called “Devil Rewards”. If the Manchester United men’s or women’s teams won at home, all 7,777 devils and their respective holders received a commemorative token from that particular match airdropped into their wallets. If your devil had certain traits, you also received additional rewards. That created excitement and made people trade them around, which leads to on-chain activity and extends the lifeblood of the program.”Now, with a new digital collectibles offering known as “Collect United” already well underway (it launched at the start of the 2023–2024 English Premier League season), Ronan Joyce and the Manchester United team have made a concerted effort to expand interest in the Manchester United digital collectibles program, grow on the stunning success the project has generated so far, and continue bringing new users into the Web 3.0 space and more specifically, the Tezos ecosystem.“If we went big with our first initial launch and had this devil community, which is a core audience that keeps building and that we’re engaging on a regular basis, how do we make sure that we don’t just fall into only servicing that community? We decided to go broader once again with Collect United. The question was, how can we get more fans coming into the Web 3.0 space in a more simplified manner?What we’re doing here is, before every Manchester United home match, you can go to the site (, and you can claim your free digital collectible representing each match. The idea is, if you collect the full set, you win rewards. If you collect the full league collection over the course of the season, you actually have the opportunity to win a signed training kit. If you collect the whole collection overall, you have the opportunity for a VIP matchday experience at Old Trafford. We will also, over the course of the season, offer more as well. Have you collected the three 2–0 wins? Well here’s an opportunity to claim X,Y, or Z.I guess I see it as our way to go back out to the masses and make sure that we’re not forgetting the broader football community and helping bring people on their Web 3.0 journey.”And, as the ongoing partnership between Manchester United and Tezos Foundation continues to grow and evolve, it is hoped by everyone involved that Ronan Joyce and his team will be able to accomplish exactly that. With the Trilitech team and Tezos’ user-friendly experience and top-notch tech by its side, Manchester United’s digital collectibles program promises to continue attracting new users to the Tezos ecosystem, offering them a simple entry point into the dynamic world of Web 3.0 and blockchain, and providing a roadmap for continued participation in the Tezos ecosystem.We’ll all be keeping a close eye on how the Tezos Foundation-Manchester United partnership grows, the Collect United program, and how the Manchester United’s men’s and women’s squads fare over the course of the exciting season ahead. If you’re curious about Collect United and interested in getting involved, you can find answers to all your questions about the program and how to start collecting at Help | Manchester United Digital Collectibles ( then, we’ll see you on the pitch!Glory, Glory: Checking In On The Manchester United & Tezos Foundation Partnership was originally published in Tezos Commons on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Tezos Commons :: Grasping The Sword: A Chat With Tezos Foundation Digital Art Gallery Curator Misan Harriman

By Stu Elmes

Tezos Commons :: Grasping The Sword: A Chat With Tezos Foundation Digital Art Gallery Curator Misan Harriman Tezos Foundation Digital Art Gallery Curator Misan Harriman speaks about the true motivations behind his journey into the world of Web 3.0 art.Misan Harriman is an important and influential artist. His work graces the walls of the National Portrait Gallery in London as part of their permanent collection. He was the first black man ever to photograph a British Vogue cover in the magazine’s 104-year history, and his efforts to cover the Black Lives Matter movement made him one of the world’s most widely-shared photographers.Today, Misan operates as Curator of the Tezos Foundation Digital Art Gallery and has emerged as one of the most influential figures in the dynamic, exciting, and quickly-growing Web 3.0 art space.As an artist first and foremost, Misan Harriman brings a much-needed keen eye for talent to the Tezos art ecosystem that has emerged as one of the most important digital art spaces in the blockchain-powered art world.However, there’s a much larger motivation behind Misan’s journey into the world of Web 3.0 art than just art appreciation for art appreciation’s sake. As Misan will make crystal clear to anyone who takes the time to listen, for him, this endeavor is really about giving a voice to those whose stories have been relegated to the cold, dark corners of the art space for far too long, and letting those stories drive change in a world that needs to hear them…“I always say that the camera is my sword and my shield. If you know when to hide behind it, you learn — it gives you wisdom. When the right time comes, you will use it as a sword to force change with the imagery it makes.”As a socially-conscious artist who believes that art has the power to drive change in the structures of power, digital NFT-powered art, with their potential to upend longstanding and problematic paradigms in the art world itself, were a natural fit for Misan. He dove headlong into this emerging world. Although he didn’t know it just yet, his explorations in the space would soon prove to be his first tentative steps toward the Tezos ecosystem, where a thriving art community and ecosystem was already beginning to take root…“Having thrown myself into collecting NFTs, I was in multiple Discord rooms with collectors and I kept seeing art that I was just like ‘What is that? Where is that?’, and it wasn’t on any other chain, it was on Tezos. I knew what Tezos was, but I didn’t know about the art movement that was there. I became a collector long long before I met anyone in the organization. I was just another person enjoying some of the best art I’ve seen in the digital realm.”While many were still grappling with the concept of digital ownership and attributing value to virtual assets like NFTs, Misan Harriman understood what was going on right from the start. He’d been prepping for just such a moment for years as an inadvertent consequence of another personal passion of his…“I love gaming culture and everything that that means. When people throw around words like “metaverse”, I mean, that’s not new. If you play Zelda Ocarina of Time, that’s the ultimate metaverse experience that’s never been bettered. It is of no surprise with that background that I’ve been obsessed about the value of virtual items. Any game that you play, there are always items that basically are yours — that you earn. The irrevocable proof of ownership that smart contracts now allow means that you can really own them, and they don’t live just within the walled garden of the game. I’ve been waiting for this technology.”With this unique understanding of the fundamentals driving the digital art ecosystem forward, Misan made a conscious decision to carve out an important niche in this space. All he needed was to find just the right like-minded folks and make his pitch. He found exactly that right here in the Tezos ecosystem, and things progressed quickly from there, something Misan spoke about during his recent appearance on TezTalks Radio…“I was personally frustrated by the lack of support for the artists that need this technology the most. I just said ‘look, I love the art that I’ve seen, but it would be a really amazing thing to do to let the community know that you see them and that you want to support the vast array of diverse voices that are taking this brave step to be creators with this technology that you’ve created’. The folks at Tezos absolutely loved the idea.”With this simple philosophical synergy and his newfound role as Curator of the Tezos Foundation Digital Art Museum, Misan Harriman set about defining what this role would mean for him, and what part his personal philosophies would play within it. In unapologetic fashion, Misan has held on to the reasons he was attracted to this world in the first place — namely, seeking out talent in places few had ventured before, and throwing the full weight of his support behind it when it is found…“One thing I cannot stand about the art world is this sense of intellectual snobbery, where someone — just because of the lottery of life — knows all about whatever pillar of art that they’ve been educated in and they just look down on anything that they haven’t been taught. That is not what I call the democratization of merit based opportunity that Web 3.0 could be. I knew that if I was the first curator that I would do my darndest to make sure that those that would never be seen by that type of curator would be seen by me.”This desire to lift up those who have historically been held down by the traditional art world is the very cornerstone of Misan’s approach to his curation work today. And, in the final analysis this is a very good thing for the Tezos art world. Web 3.0, blockchain technology, and NFTs represent a powerful, paradigm-shifting idea, and one with the potential to drive important change, not only in the art world, but in our global society itself. While these may appear to be lofty, pie in the sky ideas, they can be — and in fact are being — realized in a very acute and important way here in the Tezos ecosystem and its thriving art community today…“I always think about how many Jackson Pollocks and Gordon Parks or Maria Callases or Miles Davises or Neil Youngs or Nina Simones have dropped whatever pen or microphone or paint brush because they didn’t have the support that someone like me can give them. That’s what matters to me much more than any sort of floor price or ‘why doesn’t he buy this artist because they were on Tezos early?’. I’m thinking about the bird’s-eye view of supporting artists that really really need to be seen. I hope, in some small way, this will have laid the foundation of creating the next generation of digital storytellers.”If laying the foundation of creating the next generation of digital storytellers isn’t a laudable idea that we in the Tezos ecosystem can all get behind, I don’t know what is. Here’s many thanks to Misan and his shared mission with the Tezos Foundation for the betterment of the Tezos community art world. I can’t wait to see what he curates next!Grasping The Sword: A Chat With Tezos Foundation Digital Art Gallery Curator Misan Harriman was originally published in Tezos Commons on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Genius Contracts :: GC Drop — ODDITY

By Genius Contracts

GC Drop — ODDITYPerpetuals are landing on Tezos!Hello Geniuses! Today is a great day in the SalsaDAO empire. Markets are looking brighter every day, and the all the work that the GC team put in over the bear market is gaining traction. ArtDEX Earn and ArtDEX Auctions are undergoing code review and will be shipping imminently!We are incredibly proud of all the features & upgrades we’ve shipped in 2023, and today we have even more good news for those who follow our project.The Ghostnet Beta is LIVE!Our new perpetual markets protocol brings a popular DeFi primitive to Tezos. If you want to try our first test market, visit the updated beta site. Otherwise, let’s dive into the new information.Combining ForcesODDITY x Genius ContractsWondering why this news is being released on the GC Medium?ODDITY is joining Genius Contracts!GC will be taking on the ODDITY brand, project development, and long-term scaling. We want to thank the original ODDITY team for thinking up this idea and creating the ODDITY branding.We’ve come to an agreement to have the original team stay on to help us find new markets and API feeds. This is the best solution for both parties, combining GC’s DApp experience with the ODDITY team’s expertise on APIs & data analytics.What is ODDITY?The goal of ODDITY Finance is to offer perpetual prediction markets where users can bet on a number going up or down. Most perpetual platforms host markets where you can bet on the price of certain crypto, like Bitcoin or Ethereum.ODDITY markets will be a bit more exotic. 🙂ODDITY relies on off-chain data.When we say exotic, we are talking about creating prediction markets that are not solely based on cryptocurrency price fluctuations. We will be leveraging the Acurast platform to deliver API data from all sorts of industries.Sports, weather, government… as long as there is a number that moves, ODDITY can host a prediction market. Our main value proposition is offering exotic markets that no other platform else has, on any blockchain.ODDITY DevelopmentWe’re proud to announce that we’ve completed the core smart contract that acts as the engine for ODDITY prediction markets. This engine is completely fresh and built from scratch, using a pool-based architecture for efficient management of pool shares and funding rates.The Ghostnet Beta is fully functional: we’ve already built the contracts, indexer, API, and Test UI. Funding rates are active on our test market, so you can see what our perpetuals will be like on mainnet. Our test market tracks a 2-hour XTZ price TWAP, we’ll be adding more soon.As of now we are working towards polishing the codebase and raising money to pay for an audit of the ODDITY engine.⚠️ We are planning an incentivized Ghostnet contest where users will compete in P&L contests to win mainnet NFTs & $sDAO. Keep following us for more info.ODDITY RoadmapWhile we are excited about building & shipping ODDITY, we are not ignorant to the DeFi situation on Tezos. The Tezos ecosystem lags heavily in number of DeFi users, which leads to low volume and participation. Keeping this in mind, we will be going slow and steady for ODDITY.We are not funded with millions in VC dollars, ICO funds, or grants, so we have to be smart about how we develop this software.Our plan is to go to mainnet with our core offering, monitor traction within Tezos DeFi, and then adjust our plans according to the response.Don’t panic!We’ve designed the contract to be modular and upgrade-friendly. This means we can rapidly deliver major upgrades to ODDITY in 2024, as we gain traction. What we want to deliver 👇🛠️ Margin & Leverage🛠️ Multi-Collateral Deposits🛠️ Multi-Option MarketsView our detailed roadmap on the ODDITY Ghostnet Beta.—Here at GC, we are very excited to develop and scale ODDITY. The perpetual contract is a popular new DeFi primitive that has not yet been explored in earnest on Tezos.We believe that ODDITY will be key to attracting new users to Tezos DeFi. We hope you’ll support our journey and try the Ghostnet Beta.Follow GC and ODDITY on Twitter for all the latest updates.GC

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Tezos Commons :: ORB3: Boosting Tezos Gaming

By Cryptonio.tez

Tezos Commons :: ORB3: Boosting Tezos Gaming Getting to know the ORB3 project and their plans to grow the Tezos gaming scene!You might have noticed that I’ve been writing more and more articles about Tezos gaming. The reason is not just because of the huge potential this use case has to offer, but also because it’s one of the most active scenes in terms of developments on Tezos. That means that there’s definitely more coming!This week we are looking into another promising project that is being built on Tezos and revolves around onboarding games into the amazing world of Tezos technology. The project is none other than ORB3 and for this deep dive, I got to ask their team some questions so here is the Q&A and I hope you find it as insightful as I did!ORB3 Team Q&APlease tell us a bit about your team. Who are the people behind ORB3?We are currently a small team with aspirations to grow big over time as the project and the company get bigger. In terms of the people, we are a small group of 5 people that form the core team of ORB, but we are also currently working with teams that take care of several development aspects of the project.All of our core team members have a lot of experience when it comes to either game development or Web3/Crypto.For example, our CEO Savvas, creator of The Six Dragons, the pioneering blockchain RPG, and founder of, a leading Blockchain Games & Software company in Greece, brings extensive expertise and key partnerships with Playstation and other major gaming companies, having documented essential insights for their Web3 transition.On the other hand, our CTO, Erenia has had a lot of experience in startup growth along with the technical experience, coupled with her strong academic background.Socrates, our Lead Developer shares his extensive experience in game development.Mihir, our Lead Back-end Developer has a proven record in smart contract development and has been involved in the development of various Marketplace projects in the Tezos community.Kim, our Strategic Partnerships Manager has been providing us with much-needed business guidance in this initial phase of the project.In general, we have managed to pull together individuals who not only share the vision of shaping the future of Web3 gaming overall but also have a good track record in both game development and Web3 expertise.Why did you choose to build on Tezos?Right now we believe Tezos as a blockchain is the only solution that can provide us the benefits of fast and cost-efficient transactions, low carbon footprint, while still maintaining decentralization and being a Layer 1 solution.Furthermore, we believe that Tezos has the technology to support our project, especially when it comes to the scalability that the game dev and gamers community will bring.What is ORB3 and how does it work?The ORB ecosystem consists of 3 service lines/ solutions that we have developed specifically for the game developers who wish to transition from Web2 to Web3. These three services are the following:ORB3 Marketplace & Platform: A truly gamified Marketplace, custom-made with game developers and gamers in mind, which allows both to create truly engaging communities. Game Developers are able to showcase their projects through the Verified Game pages, where all the information about their game will be visible, and gamers are able to showcase their gaming identity in their Gamer’s Identity page, where all their information, game stats, and social media will be available for the community to see.Furthermore, the Platform allows game devs to easily manage their projects, Collectibles, transactions, auctions, team members, and more all through an easy-to-use UI platform, without the need to interact with any API or smart contract.ORB3 API: This API sits at the heart of the ORB ecosystem. It is the API that contains all the Web3 features that ORB is bringing to game developers and what is powering the ORB3 marketplace. A very easy-to-use, granular, and dev-friendly API that can be used for any project and bring Web3 features to games.UnityORB SDK: Combining the powerful features of the ORB3 API into simple to use, and ready-to-adopt functions, the UnityORB SDK is the best option for game developers who are just starting out and want an easy way to test Web3 out and see if it is a good fit for their project, without spending time money and committing to anything beforehand. The UnityORB SDK will offer two versions: a simple and an advanced one, each suitable for projects based on their complexity level. If you are looking for an SDK with enhanced security features and a more complex approach to the API integration, the advanced SDK is your friend.What products and services will you offer?We will offer the three products mentioned above (ORB3 Marketplace & Platform, ORB3 API, UnityORB SDKs) and a Governance platform as well, together with other small features to help game developers through their onboarding phase.In terms of the Governance of the platform, the $ORB token will be used as voting rights for the Governance of ORB. There will be mainly two ways in which someone can get $ORB tokens. Either directly through the platform by purchasing said tokens, or by owning $ORB Infused Collectibles.In ORB developers will be able to infuse their Collectibles with $ORB tokens, acting as a “backing”. These tokens will follow the collectible in its entire lifecycle and will also act as voting rights for the governance.This will allow us to engage gamers in the governance of the platform, together with game devs as well, simply by holding Collectibles.What game engines will you be able to work with?As a starting point, we are developing the Unity SDK, as Unity covers a wide range of projects, from traditional PC games to consoles and mobiles. On the other hand, with the release of the ORB3 API, any engine will be compatible with ORB, by simply being able to integrate the API, like any other API integration to a project. So Being Unity, Unreal, Godot, or even custom engines, or building for PC, Mobile, Consoles, and other platforms doesn’t matter, we got you covered.In the future, we have plans to develop SDKs and libraries specifically to cater to other development engines like Unreal Engine as well to make it easier for Web2 game developers.Are there any games already in the process of coming to Tezos through your platform? Is there an ETA?As of a couple of weeks now, The Six Dragons has started the implementation of ORB into the project. The process has been very easy so far, especially considering the fact that The Six Dragons is already running on another chain.ORB has also been approached by other projects, in order to use our services to transform their games to Web3 projects.Right now the team is working very hard to be able to align to the milestones of the roadmap. This will allow ORB to officially release the API and Marketplace at the start of 2024 on Tezos testnet, allowing everyone to test it out. The platform will also be launched on Tezos Mainet in Q1 of 2024 along with the first early adopter — The Six Dragons. parts of the game will be on-chain for example?The Six Dragons offers a wide range of in-game mechanics that actually run on-chain. For example, players can craft weapons/armor pieces live in the game directly on-chain. Furthermore, they can enchant already owned weapons which are NFTs, equip their NFTs in game, or trade NFTs for access to certain areas in the game. It’s truly amazing to have collectibles being created on runtime, or being traded in-game.What other future plans can you share? What is the vision?Our vision is to truly help all game developers easily onboard Web3 in a fast frictionless way by providing ready-to-adopt solutions to them. We aim to help shape the future of Web3 gaming by making it easier for game developers to access it. We have a lot of plans for the future especially as we grow as a team.For the coming months and especially for 2024 our focus is on developing our core products, which include the Governance platform as well. We want to onboard at least 10 games at the start of 2024 who will be our early adopters and then gradually open up the applications to be able to accept even more projects on the platform.As we wrap up our exploration of the ORB3 project, it’s clear that the Tezos gaming ecosystem stands on the precipice of a grand transformation. With ORB3’s suite of developer tools and services — encompassing a gamified marketplace, an intuitive API, and the UnityORB SDKs — game developers will soon have a robust framework to transition into the Web3 space. The project’s ambition isn’t just theoretical; it’s already in motion with The Six Dragons setting the pace as an early adopter. ORB3’s roadmap for 2024 lays out a promising future where a plethora of games could thrive on Tezos, leveraging its low carbon footprint and high efficiency.The team’s vision extends beyond mere technology; they aim to foster a community where gamers and developers converge, empowered by ORB tokens to participate in governance and share in the platform’s evolution. If you are interested in learning more about ORB3, you can subscribe to their newsletter through their website, follow their X account (former Twitter), or check out their YouTube channel!As I said at the beginning of the article, there is a lot more coming for the Web3 gaming space. Stay tuned, for the game is changing, and it’s happening right here on Tezos!ORB3: Boosting Tezos Gaming was originally published in Tezos Commons on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Tezos Commons :: Tezos Community Rewards — October 2023

By Tezos Commons

Tezos Commons :: Tezos Community Rewards — October 2023 Tezos Community Rewards — October 2023We are pleased to announce the winners of the “Community Rewards Program” CRP for the month of October 2023!For more details about the various categories please refer to the rewards page on the Tezos Commons website.The Community Rewards Program is a Tezos Commons Foundation initiative aimed at fostering adoption and supporting the Tezos ecosystem. Every month up to 5,000 tez are rewarded to those that stand out in merit and act in the interest of the Tezos ecosystem as a whole.To make it easier for community members to nominate their favorite contributors to the ecosystem, the nomination form has been drastically streamlined. Now containing only three questions, it takes less than 30 seconds to submit a nomination.Don’t have 30 seconds? You can tag any discord message, Reddit post or tweet with #TezosCRP and we will collect them as well!This is the fifth iteration of the program and we will continue to make changes based on community feedback. Just like the Tezos blockchain, we will be continually evolving this program.Numerous factors are used when evaluating submissions such as quality of submissions, quality of activity, number of submissions, and verifiable proof of activity done by the nominee (no single factor is determinative of a winner, as all factors were weighed to select winners). The judges would like to note that for each category, they are looking for the respective monthly related activity meaning submissions should reflect activities done for that current month, i.e.; the month of February activities.Without further delay here are the results of the winners, below.Assimilation Award@filos@spike_0124@Albert_1Camus@jaywin0x@TezosPHLDrill Sergeant Award@TezosTexas@TezosTaquito@dipdup_ioFormal Verification Award@moon640Helping Hand Award@ir8prim8@TheTezos@libertez_bakerInfluencer Award@AuRo404@coin_commit@TezosTexasPatissier Award@LeOldTez@blockbakeryTEO Award@filosTez Dev Award@TezosBakingBad@Clash0fStylesTezos Tutor Award@CanadianBakinTZ@LeOldTez@xtzmyid@textrapperTezos Ecosystem DAO Participation Award@Relaixo@simon_mcl@KMehrabiNominations are Open for NovemberWith November underway, we have begun accepting nominations for this month. If you know someone who deserves a reward for their contributions to the community or has ideas about other categories that should be recognized, please fill out a nomination here, or you can tag a post (or discord message) with #TezosCRP.As mentioned, we are still working on long-term improvements to this program. We know this program is far from being perfect so please bear with us while we strive to keep improving this program based on community feedback. Stay tuned, stay creative, and keep nominating!As a reminder to the reward winners, the awards are all distributed through Kukai and DirectAuth. If you are having any issues claiming your awards, please message us here.Tezos Community Rewards — October 2023 was originally published in Tezos Commons on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Tezos Commons :: Finding ABalance: An Artist’s Journey Into The Tezos Ecosystem With LM Designs

By Stu Elmes

Tezos Commons :: Finding ABalance: An Artist’s Journey Into The Tezos Ecosystem With LM Designs A chat with artist Leah Michelle aka “LMDesigns8” about her experiences in the Tezos art ecosystem and what she’s learned along the wayJust in case you hadn’t heard, the Tezos ecosystem boasts the most vibrant, dynamic, and active arts community in the blockchain space. Famed for its low barriers to entry, welcoming and supportive atmosphere that’s filled with some of the best NFT marketplaces in the business, the Tezos art ecosystem has continued growing, learning, and thriving from the NFT art hype-cycle of yesteryear and the “NFT Winter” the blockchain-powered art world has just begun to come out of.You can’t have a thriving arts community and ecosystem without artists support. Here in the Tezos ecosystem, we have plenty. One such artist is Leah Michelle, aka LM Designs8.Leah is a self-described healing multidimensional artist creating immersive experiences that bridge the physical and digital realms right here in the Tezos ecosystem. As an artist who has been plying her trade in the Tezos art scene since 2021, Leah has a lot of insight into the inner workings of this exciting community. When she decided to share her experiences as an artist finding her feet in the blockchain space and discovering the Tezos art ecosystem, I listened up. Here’s what Leah Michelle (aka LM Designs8) had to say…“I found Tezos and I was like, wait, I can be an artist on Tezos? I can be a collector on Tezos? I can just love the art of loving and I can discover new people every day and transcend space and time? Globally I had now been introduced to more people than I’d ever encountered before because of Tezos. I was like, ‘this is where it’s at’. Why go anywhere else? I will always be a person who’s like ‘yes, you should dibble and dabble everywhere’, but Tezos is just so homey. These people get it. These are my people.”Like many Tezos artists, Leah’s journey into the Tezos sphere began as a curiosity and quickly developed into an entirely new career. As a “traditional” or “real world” artist, her canvas had always been well… a canvas. What Leah soon discovered was that bringing her real-world works into the digital arena was a relatively simple process, but one which brought her exposure to a new, much larger audience and an entirely new way to share her work with the world. All this exposure, however, brought with it new kinds of pressure and stress, things Leah had to learn to contend with on the fly…“In Web 3.0 it’s like, literally day to day, anything that was before could be no more. With that comes a heightened sense of ‘OK wait, I need to be aware of everything that’s going on’ and you get thrown out of balance very easily inside of the Web 3.0 space. I’ve been guilty of it. I’m still trying to find my balance. So I’ll scream it from the rooftops: drink your moon water. Drink your regular water. Hydrate and step away! I say it so loudly because I know that for myself, you can get sucked in so deeply to it. The fast pace of it all. The high-risk, high-reward things that other sectors of crypto go through trickles throughout every area. This is a great space for art, and also people are very critical of art, so you bump into all of the different things compounding one another, so Web 3.0 needs a lot of healing.”Some of that healing, Leah says, she found in the Tezos art community, the amazing people within it, and even Tezos art NFTs themselves, something she spoke about during her recent appearance on TezTalks Radio…“I have found so many different healing NFTs out there it’s been crazy, especially on the Tezos blockchain. The poetry, the music, the way that people are like ‘let me lean into my superpower and here let me show you’. On the strength of what they’re giving, there’s such gifts out there! You have treasures left, right, and center. I’m like ‘you don’t even know that you’re a treasure, but I do’… collect, collect, collect. I have found such strength in the communities. There are people who are transitional through all the spaces, and those people I gravitate to. People are going to come to know — and not fear — NFTs. They’ll realize that that’s one aspect of such a bigger thing. That’s what I’m really in tune to.”As someone in tune to the bigger picture of the intersection between the art world and blockchain/NFT technology, Leah quickly identified the Tezos art ecosystem as a great place for a newly-minted digital artist finding their way. She leaned into minting and collecting work on Tezos, and, to hear Leah tell it, the Tezos ecosystem and the entities operating within it leaned right back into her and her work in return…“The way that they support and uplift us is amazing. They’re always shouting out ‘hey, guys, we have stuff for you. We have resources. There’s open calls. We want to see what you have and put it out there. I’ve never had that type of energy come from such a strong community. Doing these TezTalks — it’s incredible. Watching people you know be interviewed and you get to know them even more deeply and intimately. That is a layer and a gift of this whole thing that is amazing. People collect art all the time, but how often are you in a space where you can talk to the artist and be like ‘what was your mindset when you made this brush stroke?’ You can get to do that here. It’s so exciting.”Today, with multiple years of experience minting and collecting art here in the Tezos ecosystem, Leah Michelle has already borne witness to significant changes. She’s watched the Tezos art community deal with its fair share of adversity. She’s also watched the Tezos art community come together to deal with this adversity as it arose. In Leah Michelle’s estimation, the Tezos art community has, at least thus far, been more than up to the task…“It’s phenomenal seeing everyone just really lean into ‘this is what I’m great in’. NFTs allow us to be able to do that all together. Being around from when HEN was around, and then the death of HEN — that was a telling moment. Seeing how the community was like ‘Yep OK. We’re going to come together and we’re going to figure this out. Oh, this is where our work actually lives. Let’s learn smart contracts. Let’s learn how to break it apart. Let’s understand IPFS and things of that nature. Then we’re going to have massive spaces and share that knowledge.’ That was key. I was like ‘yes! This is amazing!’ You share the knowledge that you’re gaining and then get more knowledge along the way. There wasn’t any ‘I’m just going to hold this to myself because that will be more profitable’. We understood that together we get it, and we gain more profitable things. It was amazing.”Although the Tezos art ecosystem’s journey into the Web 3.0 age has only just begun, with people like Leah Michelle involved, its future looks bright. As the passion, commitment, and enthusiasm of this thriving young community continue to drive Tezos and its art ecosystem forward, welcoming new artists and helping them find their footing in the dynamic world of blockchain powered art has never been a more important task. Stories like Leah’s stand as testament to the work that the Tezos ecosystem has put into supporting artists and helping them on their way, and that’s something everyone in the Tezos ecosystem can take pride in. The future has never looked brighter in the Tezos ecosystem and I can’t wait to see what this thriving art scene delivers next.Finding ABalance: An Artist’s Journey Into The Tezos Ecosystem With LM Designs was originally published in Tezos Commons on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Tezos Commons :: Month at a Glance — October 2023

By William McKenzie

Tezos Commons :: Month at a Glance — October 2023 Month At A Glance — October 2023A breakdown of the latest happenings and significant milestones taking place within the Tezos ecosystem for the month of October 2023.Welcome to our latest issue of Month At AGlance where we give a quick breakdown of the latest happenings and significant milestones taking place within the Tezos ecosystem on a monthly cadence.October 2023 was yet again a big month especially for gaming development and adoption with new developments that were introduced and coming soon to the Tezos ecosystem such as the Star Symphony game, Deloitte Luxembourg becoming a corporate baker, a revised version of the Oxford protocol, and more.Let’s break it all down.Ecosystem InsightsDeloitte Luxembourg Becomes a Corporate BakerPossibly one of the bigger pieces of news that we witnessed last month was the introduction of Deloitte Lexumbourg becoming a corporate baker. It was interesting to see another industry giant join the Tezos ecosystem as a corporate baker. For those unaware of what exactly a corporate baker is, they function just like a normal baker on the Tezos network, however, most do not accept public delegations.Baking on Tezos refers to the act of producing and validating new blocks on the Tezos network. For their participation, bakers receive a reward in the form of tez for their critical services in securing the Tezos network. Bakers are crucial because they operate the chain by creating blocks and checking the integrity of the data they contain.Having entities like Deloitte Luxembourg join the Tezos ecosystem is great news by itself. But, what’s more interesting is what they do with the experience they gain from utilizing the Tezos network in the most important way possible, securing it. Not only are they helping secure the network, but they are also getting a hands-on opportunity to implement Tezos in some form or fashion.We’ve seen entities like Ubisoft become a corporate baker and implement Tezos into their Ghost Recon Breakpoint game. In that instance, they used the experience they gained from contributing to the Tezos network via a baking operation and translated it to implementing immersive fan experiences with Tezos NFTs in their game.Now, that’s not to say that’s exactly what’s going to happen here. But, when we consider how to get large corporations integrated into the Tezos ecosystem, starting a bakery is a great first step.If you’re interested in reading more about corporate baking, check out my colleague Cryptonio’s recent article.Tezos Ecosystem DAO UpdatesIn August, Tezos Commons secured a grant from the Tezos Foundation to further support the DAO’s initiatives. The grant, exclusively intended for the Tezos Ecosystem DAO was deposited into the DAO treasury, bolstering its potential for ecosystem grants.In September, we announced that Tezos Commons alongside the other 4 multi-sig holders would start reviewing the first batch of proposals for the DAO. Since then, the voting for the first batch of proposals has concluded. Two projects that submitted proposals were given funding.TezIDTelegram Tip BotNow, the second batch of proposals for the next round of voting is currently getting ready to be voted on. The proposals under consideration can be found below.Sliced.artAntidote EventsXTZ News user submitted events (withdrawn)Cross-chain Indonesia AMA’sTezos NigeriaThe Tezos Ecosystem DAO is actively inviting participation from the Tezos community, including artists, developers, builders, gamers, and more, to propose ideas for funding. Those with innovative concepts, projects, or suggestions deserving of funding are encouraged to share their proposals on Tezos Agora.If you have an idea for something to help grow the Tezos ecosystem, make sure to apply for funding!News From The Tezos Ecosystem: Quick BitsWAC releases their second handbook for onboarding artistsCurious to learn more about blockchain art & culture, NFT origins, exhibition tips, and museums’ blockchain potential? Check out Web3 for the Arts and Culture’s second handbook!Tezos Domains is seeking delegatesWith the TED token launch already live, Tezos Domains is seeking delegates to help shape the future of the platform to participate in the governance of the DAO. Learn more about the details here.ThePASS integrates Homebase framework into their platformThanks to help from Tezos Commons, ThePASS has introduced the Homebase governance platform. Any DAOs on Homebase can join ThePASS by simply providing a link.Tezos Foundation announces personnel changesThe Tezos Foundation announced as of October 10th, 2023, Alexis Bonte is now the new President and Jean-Frédéric Mognetti has been appointed as the Executive Director. In addition to these changes, Roman Schnider has announced his plans to stay on the Foundation Council in the press release.Deloitte Luxembourg becomes a corporate bakerDeloitte Luxembourg announces that it will become a corporate baker on Tezos. Learn more about the announcement in Nomadic Labs’ press release.Nomadic Labs announces a revised version of the Oxford protocolOn October 2nd, 2023, the initial Oxford protocol upgrade failed to meet the required supermajority needed to get activated. With that result in mind, Nomadic Labs has detailed its plans for a revised version of Oxford in its forum post.Blockwatch Data releases TzComposeTzCompose is a new automation framework for complex transaction sequences on the Tezos blockchain. Learn more about the development in their blog post.fx(hash) unveils ONCHFS (on-chain for HTTP file system)ONCHFS is a powerful new standard for generative art projects stored on the blockchain. Now available on Tezos with support for Ethereum coming soon, head over to their site to learn more about the new storage solution.Star Symphony is coming to TezosStar Symphony, is a manga-themed rhythm game that is being built on Tezos. The team behind the project has already released an Alpha on the testnet that you can try out gets a faceliftOBJKT has introduced some UI improvements intensifying the focus on art. Discover their new enhancements in their beta here.Nomadic Labs introduces TeztaleTeztale is a new consensus inspection tool from Nomadic Labs. In their blog post, Nomadic Labs highlights how to use the tool and its benefits for users.EventsTezos Community Call X Space — October 3rdTezTalks Live #74: AcurastAMA w/ Arthur Breitman — October 5thBlockchain Evolved Show #16 w/ Tezos Domains — October 9thTezos Vancouver Meetup — October 11thTezTalks Live #75: Tezos DomainsTuesday TezDay X Space w/ Ottez — October 17thExploring the Future of Web 3.0 w/ ECAD Labs — October 18thTezTalks Radio #67: Champ Medici + Russell SimmonsBlockchain Evolved Show #17 w/ Teia Community — October 20thTezos Community Call X Space — October 24thTezTalks Radio #68: LM Design | Artist SpotlightTezos Metamask Snaps X Space — October 31stCommunity Rewards ProgramThe Community Rewards Program (CRP) is a Tezos Commons Foundation initiative aimed at fostering adoption and supporting the Tezos ecosystem. Every month up to 5,000 tez are rewarded to those that stand out in merit and act in the interest of the Tezos ecosystem as a whole.In an endeavor to make it easier for community members to nominate their favorite contributors to the ecosystem, the nomination form has been drastically streamlined. Now containing only three questions, it takes less than 30 seconds to submit a nomination.Don’t have 30 seconds? You can tag any discord message or tweet with #TezosCRP; we will collect them as well!The categories and nomination standards have remained the same. For more information head over to the refreshed landing page here. We’ve also announced September 2023 winners, so be sure to check out the recap on that here.About Tezos Commons FoundationTezos Commons is a non-profit organization with an emphasis on building communities on Tezos and supporting the Tezos ecosystem and its members. Through organizing several community-focused events, hosting infrastructure, and funding small projects, Tezos Commons has been actively contributing towards building communities on Tezos.Learn more about Tezos Commons.Stay in the Conversation, Stay in the KnowTezos Commons hosts a variety of community-oriented events and content. You can keep up to date below!TezTalks LiveTezTalks RadioX SpacesThe Blockchain Evolved ShowBaking Sheet NewsletterTezos BulletinIn-Depth ArticlesYou can also contact or reach out to us on X or via email at [email protected] at a Glance — October 2023 was originally published in Tezos Commons on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Tezos Commons :: Community Spotlight: Crossroads Myth

By Cryptonio.tez

Tezos Commons :: Community Spotlight: Crossroads Myth Getting to know the upcoming Crossroads: Myth game that is being built on Tezos through a Q&A with the team.I have often talked about the potential gaming has with blockchain integration and why Tezos is the perfect fit for such a use case. With many different projects being built around this idea, this week we will take a deeper dive into one of them that is currently being built on Tezos.The game is none other than Crossroads: Myth and what better way to get to know it than a direct Q&A with the team building it? Since we had a lot to discuss let’s dive straight right in!Q&A:Before we get into the game details, could you give us a small introduction of your team?Crossroads: Myth formally began development in 3Q22 and is the collaborative effort of three passionate individuals.Firstly, we have founder Timothy, or “Tim”, a recognized figure in the Tezos community. Starting with Hic Et Nunc, he contributed to notable projects like the NFT PFP project Flux Tribe and Mavryk Finance. A highly experienced smart contract developer, his dedication earned him the Tez Dev Award by the Tezos Commons Foundation in April 2023.Kate is our resident master artist, a digital artist with a decade’s experience. Coupled with her immense creativity and passion, her hand-drawn art and designs provide Crossroads: Myth with its unique and immersive visual identity.Last but not least, Ben brings a blend of strategic and analytical prowess, rooted in his background in traditional finance and consumer-centric businesses. An avid gamer and reader, he plays a pivotal role in crafting engaging and sustainable gameplay mechanics and lore, and enthusiastically engages in community-building across our socials and growing interest in the game.Together, we are a small but powerful team dedicated to building a memorable gaming experience.The Crossroads: Myth team: (L) Tim, (M) Ben, (R) KateCan you give us a brief overview of Crossroads: Myth? What kind of game is it going to be and what will the gameplay look like?Crossroads: Myth is a venture into the world of gaming backed by blockchain technologies, enriched with elements of deep lore and world-building, mesmerizing visuals and art, and enjoyable and innovative gameplay mechanics.Set in the fantasy realm of Mythenia, players will find themselves navigating a world where elves, humans, and dwarves coexist with other races, beings, and creatures.Our gameplay will be browser-based and will include a blend of traditional strategy, role-playing and resource-management elements.Players can obtain unique Lands that produce resources. These resources can be strategically invested in various ways, such as through research, upgrades, or acquiring units and items. With a squad of units, players can form an adventurer squad and dispatch them on interactive and immersive quests to search for treasure, hunt monsters, and delve into the lore of Mythenia.We also focus heavily on inter-player activities and how we can encourage players to have fun together as a group. Players can venture together on group quests with multiple squads or form guilds with other like-minded players and unlock guild-only perks and activities such as dungeon raids.Another aspect of the game we’re encouraging is exploration, in its most intrinsic sense.Our game lore is part of the player’s adventure, and players can uncover useful clues and hints by engaging in dialogue with certain NPC or exploring dark and difficult areas during a quest.Through our game design, whether playing alone or with others, our players can be constantly engaged and progress enjoyably through the game.Explore the wide and expansive world of Mythenia: (L) Map of Mythenia, (R) Human city of CerafioneWhat was the initial inspiration behind it?The spark for Crossroads: Myth arose from our deep-seated love for gaming and a fascination with the untapped possibilities of blockchain technologies within the gaming realm.We recognized the potential of blockchain technology in developing a game where players not only have direct ownership of in-game items, but also have a direct impact and reward from a game’s performance over time.With our passion and a collective desire to craft an accessible and enjoyable game, we embarked on a journey to blend traditional gameplay mechanics we are familiar with and features that we believe would be unique and fun in a game, while striving to create an immersive world that resonates with both new and seasoned gamers.Thus Crossroads: Myth was created, and we remain as passionate and committed as ever to craft a game with mechanics that are both familiar and intuitive and yet novel and enjoyable for all.Which parts of the game will be on-chain?Crossroads: Myth is a fully on-chain game where every item, unit, resource, and achievement exists on the blockchain as tokens — either as fungible tokens, non-fungible tokens, or even soulbound tokens.Actions that players can undertake, such as harvesting resources from their lands or fighting monsters with their squads, will also be processed on-chain with each outcome recorded on the blockchain.A player’s progress throughout the game will also be recorded on-chain, such as their research level and achievements while completing various quests, ensuring a transparent and immutable gaming journey.A selection of the many on-chain items in Crossroads: Myth: (L) Crossbow, (M) Food, (R) PotionFrom what I understand there will be a play-to-earn aspect of the game as well, could you tell us how will that work?As a strategic game at its core, we have designed Crossroads: Myth’s mechanics and tokenomics such that value accrual depends largely on players’ actions and choices they make in the game.Every player has a limited amount of Action Points (AP) that they can use each day, and upgrading items and lands require not only resources, but also time as well.Our game design introduces layers of decision-making complexity. For instance, players have to balance their trade-offs in deciding whether to sell a rarer or higher level item, unit, or land that they have for immediate monetary gain, or consider the long-term strategic benefits of retaining and leveraging it for greater potential gains in the future.On the flip side, there may be certain players that adopt an investment-centric approach seeking to acquire advanced in-game assets. By doing so, they can bypass the grind and time associated with upgrading and leveling up, and position themselves more favorably in the game’s economy and competitive landscape.Most importantly, however, we want players to have fun as they continue progressing on their quests and adventures in Crossroads: Myth over time.This comes not only from a player’s progression in the game, but also from a sense of discovery and adventure from exploring the vast fantasy world of Mythenia, and the need to have stronger items and units as they venture deeper into more dangerous areas.Through this application of supply and demand dynamics (fun fact: Tim and Ben both hold BSc economics degrees), a base value of sorts for each NFT would be naturally realized, following which players can decide on ascribing further value to each asset, based on their playing style and preferences.This will lead to a virtuous cycle where players are engaged and incentivized to play further to explore and enjoy the world of Mythenia more.Why did you choose to build the game on Tezos? Are there any specific benefits?Our answer can be condensed into 3 reasons, which we will elaborate further below: expertise, blockchain performance, and potential growth and support.To start off, Tim’s extensive knowledge of the Tezos blockchain architecture and smart contracts expertise reduces the security risk and ensures a certain level of quality expected of the game’s codebase.Kate’s amazing artistic abilities enables the world of Mythenia to be brought to life in vivid and eye-catching art. Her numerous videos showing her drawing actual in-game units and items also capture the attention and imagination of followers.Alongside his robust game design models and planning, Ben’s continued engagement with the web3 gaming community and early supporters across the game’s socials has been effective in building a stable and growing community.Secondly, the Tezos Foundation and its affiliated organizations have recently shown interest in the gaming vertical. We believe this presents a timely opportunity to collaborate with relevant stakeholders, and have made efforts and plans for continued discussions and interactions.And finally, Tezos boasts a highly efficient blockchain that results in minimal gas fees, rapid transaction times, and a reduced environmental footprint compared to more mainstream blockchains. With continuous improvements being made, we anticipate this efficiency to persist in the years to come, further benefiting users of the blockchain.What are the plans moving ahead? Is there an ETA for launch?We’re currently working hard to have a beta test build ready sometime in 1Q24, from which we’ll gather feedback and iterate aspects of the game further to make it enjoyable and intuitive for players.We also intend to begin more marketing activities to garner awareness and interest in the game in the lead up to the beta launch, thus would appreciate it if our game could be shared far and wide by those that support it!How can people get involved?We appreciate any form of sincere feedback, questions and suggestions, and would love to hear from interest parties across our socials.The bulk of our discussions center on our Discord server, so we would warmly encourage anyone interested in finding out more to join and say hello there 🙂 Otherwise we’re also glad to exchange messages via DM’s on the game’s X/Twitter account .A fun and easy way to get started with us would be to participate in our ongoing Community Quests activity, where participants are awarded Elemental Crystal NFTs and relevant Discord roles.Details of it can be found on the introductory thread or on our Discord server.While the game is still in its development stage, Crossroads: Myth is already showing great potential for what gaming on Tezos can look like. Tezos offers a solid foundation for fast, secure, and decentralized gaming experiences and Crossroads: Myth is planning to take full advantage of these features so I can’t wait to try it out!If you are interested to read more about their game, you can check out their litepaper, take a look at all the info on their website, or join their Discord server to ask any questions you might have!Community Spotlight: Crossroads Myth was originally published in Tezos Commons on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.