Squeak From Hell NFT will launch the collaboration project at 9 PM (GMT+7)

Squeak From Hell NFT will launch the collaboration project at 9 PM (GMT+7)

February 17, 2022 0 By SqueakFromHellNFT

Squeak From Hell (SFH) NFT, after dropping their third batch last week. SFH who has started their project in December 2021 will launch their collaboration with many dystopian creators this year, such as; Febryan Graves, Rato Tanggela, Rudi Hermawan, Andre Marsandy, Kayto, Basumo, SiPakne, and Madfire. The collaboration project will be listed at 9 PM (GMT+7) on 17 February 2022.

There will be 9 NFTs listed, two of them will be auctioned starting from 5 tezos for 7 days. And the rest of them will be swapped starting from 5 tezos. Please note that this collaboration might continue its phase depending on the collector’s enthusiasm with many new uptrend artists.

SFH itself is a 1/1 profile pig-tures project which is 1000% hand-drawn, not generated, with a dystopian theme of pig mask from hell. If you are a holder of a minimum of 5 SFH NFT, you are eligible to get one customized SFH as your request. The batch drop always launches every two weeks with a minimum of 6 new series and keeps on going until 50 series are achieved. Currently, there are 20 series on the market, which means there already are 40% from the target.

So, prepare your tezos! Don’t miss the chance to grab your favorite!

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