Tezos Commons :: Month at a Glance — October 2023

Tezos Commons :: Month at a Glance — October 2023

November 9, 2023 0 By William McKenzie

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Month At A Glance — October 2023

A breakdown of the latest happenings and significant milestones taking place within the Tezos ecosystem for the month of October 2023.

Welcome to our latest issue of Month At AGlance where we give a quick breakdown of the latest happenings and significant milestones taking place within the Tezos ecosystem on a monthly cadence.

October 2023 was yet again a big month especially for gaming development and adoption with new developments that were introduced and coming soon to the Tezos ecosystem such as the Star Symphony game, Deloitte Luxembourg becoming a corporate baker, a revised version of the Oxford protocol, and more.

Let’s break it all down.

Ecosystem Insights

Deloitte Luxembourg Becomes a Corporate Baker

Possibly one of the bigger pieces of news that we witnessed last month was the introduction of Deloitte Lexumbourg becoming a corporate baker. It was interesting to see another industry giant join the Tezos ecosystem as a corporate baker. For those unaware of what exactly a corporate baker is, they function just like a normal baker on the Tezos network, however, most do not accept public delegations.

Baking on Tezos refers to the act of producing and validating new blocks on the Tezos network. For their participation, bakers receive a reward in the form of tez for their critical services in securing the Tezos network. Bakers are crucial because they operate the chain by creating blocks and checking the integrity of the data they contain.

Having entities like Deloitte Luxembourg join the Tezos ecosystem is great news by itself. But, what’s more interesting is what they do with the experience they gain from utilizing the Tezos network in the most important way possible, securing it. Not only are they helping secure the network, but they are also getting a hands-on opportunity to implement Tezos in some form or fashion.

We’ve seen entities like Ubisoft become a corporate baker and implement Tezos into their Ghost Recon Breakpoint game. In that instance, they used the experience they gained from contributing to the Tezos network via a baking operation and translated it to implementing immersive fan experiences with Tezos NFTs in their game.

Now, that’s not to say that’s exactly what’s going to happen here. But, when we consider how to get large corporations integrated into the Tezos ecosystem, starting a bakery is a great first step.

If you’re interested in reading more about corporate baking, check out my colleague Cryptonio’s recent article.

Tezos Ecosystem DAO Updates

In August, Tezos Commons secured a grant from the Tezos Foundation to further support the DAO’s initiatives. The grant, exclusively intended for the Tezos Ecosystem DAO was deposited into the DAO treasury, bolstering its potential for ecosystem grants.

In September, we announced that Tezos Commons alongside the other 4 multi-sig holders would start reviewing the first batch of proposals for the DAO. Since then, the voting for the first batch of proposals has concluded. Two projects that submitted proposals were given funding.

TezIDTelegram Tip Bot

Now, the second batch of proposals for the next round of voting is currently getting ready to be voted on. The proposals under consideration can be found below.

Sliced.artAntidote EventsXTZ News user submitted events (withdrawn)Cross-chain Indonesia AMA’sTezos Nigeria

The Tezos Ecosystem DAO is actively inviting participation from the Tezos community, including artists, developers, builders, gamers, and more, to propose ideas for funding. Those with innovative concepts, projects, or suggestions deserving of funding are encouraged to share their proposals on Tezos Agora.

If you have an idea for something to help grow the Tezos ecosystem, make sure to apply for funding!

News From The Tezos Ecosystem: Quick Bits

WAC releases their second handbook for onboarding artists

Curious to learn more about blockchain art & culture, NFT origins, exhibition tips, and museums’ blockchain potential? Check out Web3 for the Arts and Culture’s second handbook!

Tezos Domains is seeking delegates

With the TED token launch already live, Tezos Domains is seeking delegates to help shape the future of the platform to participate in the governance of the DAO. Learn more about the details here.

ThePASS integrates Homebase framework into their platform

Thanks to help from Tezos Commons, ThePASS has introduced the Homebase governance platform. Any DAOs on Homebase can join ThePASS by simply providing a link.

Tezos Foundation announces personnel changes

The Tezos Foundation announced as of October 10th, 2023, Alexis Bonte is now the new President and Jean-Frédéric Mognetti has been appointed as the Executive Director. In addition to these changes, Roman Schnider has announced his plans to stay on the Foundation Council in the press release.

Deloitte Luxembourg becomes a corporate baker

Deloitte Luxembourg announces that it will become a corporate baker on Tezos. Learn more about the announcement in Nomadic Labs’ press release.

Nomadic Labs announces a revised version of the Oxford protocol

On October 2nd, 2023, the initial Oxford protocol upgrade failed to meet the required supermajority needed to get activated. With that result in mind, Nomadic Labs has detailed its plans for a revised version of Oxford in its forum post.

Blockwatch Data releases TzCompose

TzCompose is a new automation framework for complex transaction sequences on the Tezos blockchain. Learn more about the development in their blog post.

fx(hash) unveils ONCHFS (on-chain for HTTP file system)

ONCHFS is a powerful new standard for generative art projects stored on the blockchain. Now available on Tezos with support for Ethereum coming soon, head over to their site to learn more about the new storage solution.

Star Symphony is coming to Tezos

Star Symphony, is a manga-themed rhythm game that is being built on Tezos. The team behind the project has already released an Alpha on the testnet that you can try out here.

OBJKT.com gets a facelift

OBJKT has introduced some UI improvements intensifying the focus on art. Discover their new enhancements in their beta here.

Nomadic Labs introduces Teztale

Teztale is a new consensus inspection tool from Nomadic Labs. In their blog post, Nomadic Labs highlights how to use the tool and its benefits for users.


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Community Rewards Program

The Community Rewards Program (CRP) is a Tezos Commons Foundation initiative aimed at fostering adoption and supporting the Tezos ecosystem. Every month up to 5,000 tez are rewarded to those that stand out in merit and act in the interest of the Tezos ecosystem as a whole.

In an endeavor to make it easier for community members to nominate their favorite contributors to the ecosystem, the nomination form has been drastically streamlined. Now containing only three questions, it takes less than 30 seconds to submit a nomination.

Don’t have 30 seconds? You can tag any discord message or tweet with #TezosCRP; we will collect them as well!

The categories and nomination standards have remained the same. For more information head over to the refreshed landing page here. We’ve also announced September 2023 winners, so be sure to check out the recap on that here.

About Tezos Commons Foundation

Tezos Commons is a non-profit organization with an emphasis on building communities on Tezos and supporting the Tezos ecosystem and its members. Through organizing several community-focused events, hosting infrastructure, and funding small projects, Tezos Commons has been actively contributing towards building communities on Tezos.

Learn more about Tezos Commons.

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